Olympic SWORDFISH???????

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Olympic SWORDFISH???????

Post by davidh » Wed May 04, 2016 9:37 pm

A really amazing day today. I've been archive trawling as part of the work that is going in to Simply the Best; the story of the 505.

Lots of really fascinating facts there in the records - and one might expect, lots of political positioning and I think it is fair to say that things might not be what they have seemed to be for many a long year. But that combination of personal correspondence and the official record is giving me a new perspective.

But...it is the way of research that you never know what else you are going to uncover and thus it was today.

The YRA list of boats for the 1948 Olympic Regatta didn't just feature the Firefly, but the Swordfish too. This was seen as a compromise to all those who wanted the International 14 included.
This was a formal recommendation and the IYRU response was that they recognised the wishes of the host nation.

When it got to the IYRU AGM, the Star lobby got the Swordfish dropped in favour of their boat......so even that far back, nothing has really changed.

David H

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