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MR596 Samanda

Post by slimtim » Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:52 pm

Good evening

At some point between now and Christmas, I am going to start work on restoring Merlin Rocket 596 'Samanda'. She is a Jack Holt Martine built in about 1955.

I rescued her from a Sea Scout boatpark in Kent where she had been sitting for more than a dozen years. Luckily with a good fitting cover and a beam running under it supported on another which replaced the mast. As a result, all the water has drained out and there is no rot (that I have found!).

She is absolutely original with wide rolled decks, a deep rear deck, and interesting features such as a fluted forebrace (attached to the underside of the deck below the mast step and running to the base of the stem) and a full length wooden whisker pole holder tube. I also have a correctly numbered centreboard and fixed spoon rudder.

There have been no modifications so no bailers or transom flaps, or spinnaker equipment. The hull, decks and interior are all varnished wood.

I think that all the decks are salvageable except for one half of the rear deck which has de-laminated.

I'd be keen to know if any CVRDA forumers know anything of this boat? She appears to have been used sparingly, although the wooden mast that came with her has broken and been repaired.

She has a Wilsonian SC sticker on the transom and also one from the MROA. Neither group can tell me anything, I have also tried the MROA forum.

Any feedback would be gratefully received, I would really like to track down the last owner and let them know that Samanda is about to receive some TLC!

Thank you in advance for any help.

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