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Post by JB9 » Fri Aug 19, 2016 5:13 pm

I have just completed the decks of my National 18 with the own brand screwfix yacht varnish and am very pleased with the result. I was getting just over two coats per tin so it is very economical. I tried the own brand varnish remover too which had good reviews but did not work as well as nitromors. ... oCKcTw_wcB
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Re: Varnish

Post by TheGuvnah » Sun Aug 21, 2016 11:50 am

Can't see any reference to its UV resistance though either in the listing or its COSH sheet. Tried Screwfix for the first time a month or so ago whilst refurbing the trailer. Strolled in... 'ello what's all this? Catalogues? little pencils? Oh dear I recognise this format. I went up to the counter...

"Need a couple of M12 carriage bolts"

"What's an M12???"

Exit Clarkey never to return.

As for varnish I've been looking around for alternatives to the usual and came across this...

Coo-Var Yacht & Seaplane varnish


With a name like that I just wanted it on my boat regardless but it seems that it's good enough for Viking Boats of Ullapool and its environment and he gets a beautiful finish with it so figured it should be up to gentle meandering around an inland reservoir. Paid £15 for a litre (not 750ml :D ) delivered.

Thought I'd better try it on an old micrometer box or something to see how it behaves, I also used a cheap crappy Wilko brush just to see how well it self levels after application. First impressions are that this is a quality drop o' varnish. It's slightly thixotropic but still loads and flows off the brush nicely. The aroma is actually pleasant, it's touch dry within three hours at room temp and safely handleable within 8. I reckon it'll take a good week or so to fully harden off but the quality of the build up is very impressive. I reckon 4 coats on bare wood will bring the surface to near glass like finish.

...and you've got to love the name on the tin 'Yacht & Seaplane Varnish'
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