AGM - 6. Web Report

and what is happening with the CVRDA today?
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AGM - 6. Web Report

Post by Pat » Sun Oct 25, 2020 8:17 am

Web use increased with lockdown and visitors to our website are mainly (90%) from the UK but the next two highest number of visitors are from the USA and Australia where there is a good classic dinghy scene. The most popular topic this year has been varnishing and how to do it and this has been reflected in the questions asked on the FaceBook group. Sadly the web forum has seen less use as FaceBook has become more popular but this is a trend seen everywhere, not just by us.

Another item that came out of the statistics was that nearly a quarter of searches are for CVDRA rather than for CVRDA so we have taken the step of registering the web domain and setting it up to redirect to our main website which ensures we perform better in searches.

This year I have been trying to add content and have tried to ensure we have all our old event reports and images available and to add to the dinghy database which is becoming a popular reference as unusual classes emerge from barns.

The FaceBook group is now well used so I'd like to particularly thank Neil and Ed for moderating this group and ensuring that discussion is polite and fair. It is the ease of FaceBook which attracts - it is open to all, pictures can be posted and topics pop into your news feed without having to go to the group page. But it lacks the searchability and permanence of the forum so any suggestions for change are welcome.

Future plans are to continue adding information to the dinghy database and to the hints and tips section but also to change the overall look of the site by updating the theme for a more modern, mobile friendly appearance since many visitors are on mobile devices and the current site does not work well on mobiles. I have several possibilities under test since anything new needs to work with the existing content.

Also for the future we are working with the MiniSail class to host and integrate their web content as we do with the Pegasus and Jollyboat websites as they do not have the resources to continue alone. This very much ties in with the part of our mission statement about helping and supporting classic class associations.

Contributions to the web site will be very welcome so if you have anything to contribute, whether details or pictures of a class for the dinghy database or advice to add to the hints and tips section, please send me an email or a Facebook message.
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Re: AGM - 6. Web Report

Post by Ed » Sat Oct 31, 2020 11:27 am


I am also looking at doing a complete overhaul of the Jollyboat site, due to some recent interest in the site and the class.

It would be great to do the same for the Pegasus class and maybe look to see if there are other classes that we could include.

Facebook Group Report:

The FB Group continues to grow and currently has around 1850 members. It is without doubt a great success, but Neil and I both worry about the effect that it has on the traffic here on the forum and overall to the association.

Is the association stronger for having the FB Group? I think this is a question that as an association we need to consider and maybe act upon. I will start another thread on this subject and look forward to your thoughts.

Thanks Pat for all your work on the website.

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Re: AGM - 6. Web Report

Post by loisbarlow » Fri Nov 27, 2020 10:37 pm

Just to add a huge thank you to Pat for the great work she puts into the website. Especially pertinent this year when we have all been working remotely so to speak!

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Re: AGM - 6. Web Report

Post by Pat » Mon Nov 30, 2020 2:13 pm

Thanks Lois. AGM now closed but discussions can continue on other posts please.
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