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Buy it Now!

Post by Julian » Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:37 am

Hiya all

from Y+Y classifieds!

Mirror 14 (Marauder) for sale
Price: £200
Phone: 07913 604 574
14 foot racing dinghy with spinnaker & trapeze. With launching trolley and boom-up cover.
Definitely still for sale on: 09 July 2016

I'm so glad I live at the other end of the country - well, in a different and better country! - otherwise I would be slipping into the normal CVRDA madness of accumulating more boats than one knows what to do with!

I suspect that for £200 one would get a trolley, cover, spars, sails, and a pile of soggy peat-like plywood, but its one of the first times I have been seriously tempted. After all, careful panel measurement followed by archaeological dismantling could lead to a very large bill at Robbins for the materials to make an exact replica in a manner designed to wind up lots of people!

One of the first performance classes I ever sailed, lots of stuff about them by DH, (although I dont seem to be able to access this at the moment??), something which possibly falls into the category of being a 1970s 29er, complete with flares and a 118 moustache! ideal for adult and teen, or two bigger teens, to learn about proper sailing.

If anyone does fall for it do let me know



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