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<New> Image posting guide

Post by neil »

The complete guide to posting images on the forum

Original post by Neil, edited by Ed:

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and we all agree that we really need them on the forum, but they also take up a large amount of storage space and then cost the CVRDA money when we view them. In the early days this wasn't much of a problem, but now with over 850 members, it is potentially an issue and we have to take a bit more care.

So, to help us, please do follow these guidelines to posting images.

Method A:

If you have access to some webspace, or some place that you can put your images, then upload them and enter the URL (the whole web-address from the browser) into the post inside the 'img' tags:

Like this image taken from the home page of the CVRDA site:


Make sure the image is the correct size to easily show within the browser, say less than 800 pixels wide or 500 high, in Jpeg format and well compressed, so that the image filesize is certainly not bigger than 256Kb (aim for half of that).

This is most probably the best way of posting images, you get to use them in the post at the size you want, there is no cost to the CVRDA..... but you must remember to keep them online, or we will loose them from the forum.

Method B:

If you don't have your own web-space, then you can use an image hosting service, such as Flickr, PhotoBucket, SlickPic or Google's Picasa Web and provide a link directly to that collection of images.

Just copy and paste the URL link to the collection into the post.

There is a review of most of these here: http://photo-sharing-services-review.toptenreviews.com/

If you would like to do this, but do not have (or want to start) your own image gallery online, then please contact ed<at>cvrda.org and I will send you the details for a CVRDA account on SlickPic, where we can store our own forum images.

Method C:

We have now extended the image database size to allow images to be posted on the forum again, but only under quite tight file-size restrictions, which is going to really require that you both re-size and compress your images before you try and post them to the forum.

We'd suggest you only upload JPG images and to resize them to a width of 512 pixels or less and then use enough compression on them to keep their size under 80Kb.

This can be done in a number of free photo-editing programs such as IrfanView, iPhoto, Picasa etc.

Once you have selected and re-sized your image, you can upload it like this:

1. Make a new topic or contribute to an existing post
(38.93 KiB) Downloaded 234 times
2. Scroll down to get to the Upload attachment section
(43.5 KiB) Downloaded 233 times
3. Click on the Browse button to select your image
(89.67 KiB) Downloaded 233 times
4.Once selected your filename will appear
(33.69 KiB) Downloaded 233 times
5. To upload your image click on the Add the file button, the progress window will appear
(58.32 KiB) Downloaded 230 times
6. Once uploaded to the CVRDA server your image file name will appear in the Attachments section
(49.88 KiB) Downloaded 233 times
7. To attach the image to your post, click on the text input window to position the cursor at the point where you want your image to appear - then click on the Place inline button
(28.09 KiB) Downloaded 230 times
8. Your image will then be embedded in your post
(27.97 KiB) Downloaded 229 times
If you want to add more images repeat the steps above

Once you submit your post it should now have your image(s) included
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