Bathurst Boatbuilders of Tewkesbury

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Bathurst Boatbuilders of Tewkesbury

Post by STAGMAN » Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:40 pm

This is my first visit to your forum and i come in need of help from any of you . I have been researching the above Boatyard for many years. It was started by my Gt Gt gt grandfather back in the mid 19th century and was trading under the Bathurst name until the early 1960,s even though it had been sold in the mid 1920,s to Birmingahm Garages and then to the Robinson boatyard of Oulton Broad. I would be ver grateful for any information that anybody could furnish me with regarding any of their canoes / dinghys etc that my survive. Thanking you for nay information you may be able to help me with best regards anthony bathurst

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Re: Bathurst Boatbuilders of Tewkesbury

Post by Ed » Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:09 am

Well I have got one!

Not sure if this link will might need to sign in or have an account or something:

But try it;

It is a 24ft Whiff.

Bought in Tewkesbury last year. Needs a fair bit more work doing to it, although progress is under way.

Would love to hear more about the company.


Ed Bremner

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Re: Bathurst Boatbuilders of Tewkesbury

Post by Endymion » Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:22 pm


I came on your query recently while engaged in researching family history.

I can tell you that my great-uncle James Whitfield was the partner in business of Frederick Lanchester the engineer and pioneer car maker. One of his engines powered a launch made by Messrs Bathursts in 1898, which I believe was the second motor boat ever made (and the first with a screw propeller). It was called Ariel, and I have a rather poor photograph. I read somewhere that the boat survived into the 1960s, but despite writing to one of the magazines (Motor Boat & Yachting?) a few years ago, I have no further information.

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Re: Bathurst Boatbuilders of Tewkesbury

Post by Michael Brigg » Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:25 pm

Theres alot (if you scroll down) about a steam launch called "Ariel" (used s an Umpire's launch) at Henley Regatta, in the early days, but built in Chiswick and no mention of Bathurst.

I am sure there is one of the umpires launces (Named Ariel) possibly after an extensive restoeation.

You may be advised to contact the Rowing Museum at Henley. (Although there's nothing on the website)

Or perhaps the Henley Regatta Stewards might help.
Michael Brigg

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Re: Bathurst Boatbuilders of Tewkesbury

Post by jpa_wfsc » Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:53 pm - some history there and a photo - possibly the one you allude to? Odd looking boat!

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Re: Bathurst Boatbuilders of Tewkesbury

Post by lanchesteria » Thu Aug 25, 2016 9:57 am

I am working on a heritage lottery project digitising and making accessible the archive of Frederick Lanchester, car maker and pioneering engineer of the late 19thC.

In short, I was researching about a motor boat he built (Ariel), in 1896, in partnership with James Whitfield, connected to Bathurst Boatbuilders, and came across this query.

I wonder if any readers would be able to share any information they have come across in relation to any part of my quest - in sort I am trying to find out if Ariel, built in 1896, still exists, and amassing any information I can find about her history, the history of Fred and James working together, and the connection to the Bathurst Boatbuilders.

If this is of interest there is some information about the Lanchester legacy project on our website but we are still in the development stages. We are also working closely with the Lanchester Legacy Trust and this is a joint search with them.
The website, and the Interactive Space within the Lanchester Library at Coventry University, will open to the public in early 2017.


Cathryn Thompson-Goodwin
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