Bit of a curved ball this......but any ideas about this

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Bit of a curved ball this......but any ideas about this

Post by Ed »

Have a look at this:


Length: 2650mm (8ft 8in) hull without pontoon is shorter
Width: 1120mm (3ft 8in) main beam without pontoon is smaller
Height: 400mm (1ft 4in) at outboard bracket - hull is less
Weight: Approx 24.5kg

Anybody have any ideas?

I have known about this little boat for 10 years or so and the varnish has rather suffered in that time, but it is still rather beautiful and well worth looking after.

It does have a sailing rig.......if only bamboo and old sheets, but only one quick look at it will show that of course it was never going to be able to sail at all.....

My presumption was that it was a small child's outboard racer and as I had no particular interest in it.....I have never really thought any further on it.... but I was asked to find a home for it (which I think I have done....although if anyone is very interested, do give me a call) and so started googling.

I found in Canada they race a small boat called a Seaflea, details of which are at: and figured that must be what it is.

The guy who runs that website was very interested in it, but had no idea what design it was. He talked to a friend in Kent, who told him it was a conversion from a 'common sailing skiff', sailed in the UK. Well, this surprised I just couldn't see how the design could ever of been a sailing boat, even without the pontoons.

So, has anybody seen anything like this before or know what it is?
Does anybody remember ever seeing any small outboard racers of any design being used here in the UK?
Am I being silly.....does it look like it could be any small sailing dinghy? It looks a bit like an ozzy skiff moth......but no board, totally flat....could it really be anything?

Any thoughts or any leads at all?

Ed Bremner

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Re: Bit of a curved ball this......but any ideas about this

Post by trebor »

I have seen something similar in Ply, it was a fishing punt, the angler rowed to spot then when he got there he fished over the back of the Punt, hence the extra buoyancy, (no outboard block though), trying to find image, will post if I can.
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Michael Brigg
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Re: Bit of a curved ball this......but any ideas about this

Post by Michael Brigg »

This looks to me like a precursor to a "Zap-Cat." Basically miniature powerboat racing or a bit like "Speedway" racing on water. Right up your street Ed once the shoulder can move a bit. :? :twisted:
Michael Brigg
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