Mirror Predecessor?

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Mirror Predecessor?

Post by cweed »

Saw this on Gumtree.

https://www.gumtree.com/p/boats-kayaks- ... 1335349303

It certainly has Mirror 'reflections'..... and the scalloped deck around the mast reminded me of the Miracles appearance.

Does anyone know what the class was named / was it Holt and or Bucknell designed?
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Re: Mirror Predecessor?

Post by SoggyBadger »

David H did a very detailed breakdown of the history of the Mirror a few years ago.
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Re: Mirror Predecessor?

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Looks like an 'Ideal' dinghy, and yes it is one of Jack Holts designs from the early 70s as a bigger version of the Mirror (although it also pays respect to another of his designs, the Bumblebee which was a good deal smaller and had a similar radiused bow transom). The design was the subject of a series of TV programs by Ulster TV in the mid 70s called I think 'Build your own Boat' and which also had a book to accompany it to the same name. Like a lot of Holts designs (such as the Vagabond and Explorer) it didn't get the recognition of the other more well known classes and slipped into obscurity but was a really nice and good boat - what a shame that this one clearly suffered a bit of a disaster - I do hope someone takes it on a makes it OK again
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