Jack Holt Ideal Dinghy

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Jack Holt Ideal Dinghy

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We have finally completed the kit dating from 1978 found in a loft in Largs. It was the subject of a build and sail your own boat series on Ulster Tv. In the seventies, Largs on the Clyde received Tv via a relay cabled to each house. UTV was the best signal.
We had our first sail this week and I am pleased to say she handled very well and is a stable good load carrier.Responsive was a surprise ( and my last Dinghy was an A class Catamaran.)
The Gunter rig with reef makes her a great family boat. She also has rowlocks and the ability to take a small out board on the transom as the aft deck sits down about 6 in.
We are unsure of what to do with her now as we both have other boats to sail.
Would like to post some photos and video but not sure how.
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Re: Jack Holt Ideal Dinghy

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if you send me your email via the email link in Contact at the right, I'll add you to a DropBox that you can load them to and I'll put them on the website.
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