N12 Spider - project available.

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N12 Spider - project available.

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N12 'Spider' known elsewhere on these forums, is in need of more care and attention than we now have time for.

Main problem - rot in the floor panels - means the bottom plank probably needs replacing. Last summer we patched a section that had gone very soft, and repainted the hull. However, further areas of softness have in this seasons sailing ended up with a hole in the floor. Another patch? Probably would be sufficient to keep her going but I suspect that another, and another will be needed. The hog and all other planks are absolutely sound as far as I can see.

The decks also need stripping and re-varnishing.

Available as a project boat - please contact me to discuss the beer money needed to transfer ownership. I do not want to sell on ebay etc. as I know what will happen - she will be stripped of parts for sale at boat jumbles and thus lost..

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