IDRA 14ft Owner looking for any information

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IDRA 14ft Owner looking for any information

Post by Ed »

Hi everyone,

Had the following message from an IDRA owner. If anyone has any interest, I will put you in touch.

I presume he already has: ... Tv6_WJ1LiM

Good morning,

I'm looking for guidance on a 14ft clinker built dinghy I purchased in

She was built in 1947 by R&A Hamper and is an Ireland Class wooden sailing

I only have one document that lists the designer as O'Brian Kennedy(?).

She is in wonderful condition with a 23ft mast and canvas sails.

I am a complete novice having never sailed but spent time last year
varnishing and polishing .

The mast seems fragile and the sails have seen better days.

The plan is to get her fully restored and even on the water at some point.

There is a 1937 Seagull outboard and a Swift trailer.

I'm searching online for any reference to R&A Hamper but with no success so

Can you suggest where I might look for information and who to talk to
regarding sails and a new mast set up?

Ed Bremner

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Re: IDRA 14ft Owner looking for any information

Post by Pat »

Apart from approaching the Irish clubs still sailing these in the Dublin area, the Waldringfield Dragonfly class is a variation of the IDRA and still active at Waldringfield Sailing Club in Suffolk so members there may be able to help.
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