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O that's embarresing then. I have an igoogle home page, use google calendars. I use google mail to collect all my mail in one place. and view it all through one page, it is fab. I have RSS feeds for news, weather (i wonder whether windguru has an RSS feed for iGoogle pages?), moon phase and of course the cvrda forum. I also use google talk to talk to software developers at work.

O and i do have a facebook account, i've used it twice !

Does this all mean I am embrassing web2.0 technology without actually realising it?

Is google in danger of becoming the tesco's of the world wide web? :?
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I have to admit to being staid and boring as a professional software developer and currently very much tied to tried and tested Microsoft offerings - .Net and SQL - but it's what pays for the sailing!

I leave myspace and such like to my teenagers. Much as I'd enjoy exploring these new technologies, work limitations don't allow it and I just don't have time at home.
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