errrr... hello?

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errrr... hello?

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Nowhere else for a newcomer to say hi so I've come here

'Hi' :waves:

restoring an old grp N 18 [no 276 c 1970] into something that is'nt an 18. wait and see, it will still have a trapeze, but it may have a very different sailplan.

also have a merlin rocket [Bob Hoare mk6, 1960 1099 ] which needs regluing, new decks and all the usual bits to make it go again. [that's next years job]

Oh, I'm in N Wales if anyone else from there is around


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Re: errrr... hello?

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Hello Hwyl,

Welcome to the cvrda. I am not sure about North wales but we have keith who runs our event at Clwedog. Look forward to seeing you and your boats at our events.

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