Who built my boat?

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Who built my boat?

Post by fascadale »

I have a Mk1 Gull, sail number 1271. This number is also carved into her transom. She also has the number 3397 stamped on the floor plank directly astern of the centreboard casing.

I think the stamped number suggests that my boat was professionally built.

I know that many Mk1 Gulls were built by Smallcraft but this one lacks a builders plate and any evidence of there having been one. I once had a Smallcraft Gull but I cannot remember her sail number being carved into the inside of the transom

There is a Mk1 Gull presently being advertised online https://boats-from.co.uk/not-specified/ ... iler-32600 which it is said was built by R.W. Moore and sons of Wroxham. In the photographs online she has the same detailing around the rowlocks as my boat.

Were there any other professional builders of these boats?

Does the stamped number 3397 mean lead anywhere?
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Re: Who built my boat?

Post by JimC »

The class rules specify the number should be either on the transom or the hog, although I think transom was more usual. I have no recollection of seeing one on the hog. By the 70s Smallcraft were I think the only builder.

A 4 digit number starting with 3 on a wooden boat is a surprise: I have no guesses to offer.
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Re: Who built my boat?

Post by Norfolk Heron »

Moors certainly did make them but I dont know much more about when they finished this. The number would suggest the 60s as the date. Aln Boatyard also made them up at Almouth in Northumbria. I have a smallcraft one from the early 60s but its in storage and I cant easily get to see it so cant check but I think that the number was on the hog.
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