One Design from Cornwall??

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One Design from Cornwall??

Post by Pat »

Request received by email:

I have inherited a 14’ clinker built sailing dinghy, with a sloop rig, named Restless, from my late father.
I am trying to research her design and some of her history and I hope that you will be able to help me. I believe that she might have been built in the late 1930’s.
I remember my father telling me that he thought that she might have been a Redwing however I have had it confirmed that she isn’t. My father’s other idea was that she might be a Cawsand one design built by Mashfords, Cremyl, Cornwall. The boat yard has been taken over by UK Docs. I have contacted them but they were unhelpful saying they had no archive records of boats built at the yard.
Any help with this would be very much appreciated.
With kind regards,

I have put the images into our gallery at
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Michael Brigg
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Re: One Design from Cornwall??

Post by Michael Brigg »

Looks like many 14ft clinkers and is quite possibly a "One off" built to a National Restricted formula. These had 2 knees for the Middle thwart, a minimum keel depth of 1 inch and a mast tabernacle supported by the front thwart and were undecked. (Amongst other features.) (I have the formula somewhere and will add this laterfor your information.

Your boat looks very like my own and I suggest you make a search on "Blue Moon" to get some comparison.

However, my 14' clinker (Blue Moon ") had its decks retro fitted and on removal was found to be originally an open (Undecked) dinghy.

If yourdecking is an original part of the deck I think a Tachting world OD is a strong contender. oth have 12 strakes (if the Garbord is counted) and similar single knees to support the thwarts. The YWOD also has a vertical (Plum) Bow stem.

Be Warned, you will have a long search...there are many many local variants in 1930 vintage clinker boats.
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Re: One Design from Cornwall??

Post by JimC »

Grief, there were so many local one designs. My old PY list has St Mawes, Starcross, North Devon, Teign Corinthian from that part of the world and that's just ones with regional names and published PY numbers.... You could try trekking round clubs and buying the oldest members a drink I suppose.
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Re: One Design from Cornwall??

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Looks a lot like a Laira Lapwing another local class sailed in Plymouth.
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