Int 14 #243

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Int 14 #243

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Morning all, here we go..........
Came across an ad on Gumtree where the small print said Int 14. Bought it and now in my garage in north wales
. I've made a Flickr file of 11 photos but cant find a URL to upload it.
Big help so far from Pat, Ed and particularly Chris Barlow who believes it is #243. Malta built by Joseph Vella in 1932 for Lt. P. Ross and brought back to the west country on the back of a destroyer in 1939.The seller did not know much about it so the life of the boat is a blank.
It is possibly an early MG design and I have been pointed toward Jane Shaddick for that aspect.
Carvel planking is good and quite tight but will be raked out, some daylight. Frames are clenched and good - a few broken, C/B case is the strangest shape I've ever seen - violin shaped - and will need to be removed. 15 years hanging in a barn makes it DRY, DRY, DRY! Someone changed it into a rowing boat at some stage. Possibly a new transom has been fitted and the B&Q rubrail tacked on with steel gripfasts is for the bin. One upper strake is also B&Q red ' hardwood' (haha). Mystery block of wood holding forefoot together and stem detached from keel. No gear whatsoever. Help !
Plan is to nitromors it inside and out and see what I've got. PEG / CPES seems to be the trend but we shall see.
it will go back in the water at some point - occasional gentle spot of yotting and a rally or 2 would be nice, but that is a long way off. This overlaps with the Restoration forum where I will continue when I come to an accommodation with Flickr.
over to you guys......!
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Re: Int 14 #243

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I only suggested 243 as a possibility rather than belief! See my comment in the other thread as I hadn’t realised there were two threads on this.
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