Dinghy Show

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Dinghy Show

Post by Pat »

Following the lead from a chat topic there'll be some of us at the Dinghy Show meeting in the food/beer bar under the organ in the Great Hall on the Saturday at 1p.m. I'll get Sandy to wear his cvrda cap & stick a pennant on my rucksack or something for ID.
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Re: Dinghy Show

Post by Nessa »

I will carry a carnation under my arm and wear a copy of the Guardian in my buttonhole.
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Re: Dinghy Show

Post by Michael Brigg »

Not sure what to do...

Thought it clashed with the Hamble Warming Pan. :cry:

Got it 1 week out :D

Now all I need is a winning lottery ticket and my pass stamped :? (Twice)

:idea: Given todays date I think diamonds are my only chance!

I'll be the one under the clock with an empty wallet.
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Re: Dinghy Show

Post by MartinH »

I will try to be there, but might need to pursuade "the bursar" that it is necessary expediture.
Today could be a good day to try as we have just taken delivery of an enormous television that was a prize at Excel (officially it's Catherine's but it is too big for her room :D ).
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