Welcome Back to the CVRDA Forum

Welcome to the CVRDA Forum
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Welcome Back to the CVRDA Forum

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Dear CVRDA sailors and Forum-folk,

It has been a trying few weeks for those of us running the CVRDA Forum.

It was difficult for us to decide to disable the forum after nearly 10 years of continuous running and then once we had, it was hard work to negotiate, agree and put into place the changes that allowed the CVRDA Committee and Forum Administrators to feel relatively happy about making the forum live again.

I would like to give a very big 'thank you' to everyone in the CVRDA committee, all of whom helped in this process and also to all the emails of support that we had from our members and forum-users.

Of course, I am also sorry to all of you who found the the lack of your daily fix on our little forum hard to bear. I did too! I hope the forum will now be a happier place than it has been recently and maybe, that we will even begin to see some posts from some old friends who had rather given up on us in recent times.

I realise that for many of you, the forum coming down all came as a big shock and you are still largely unaware of what happened. That is most probably for the best :-) As the police are fond of saying: "Move on now, nothing happening here" I do realise it would of course be tempting to discuss it on the forum, but I would ask you all, honestly from the bottom of my heart to just move on and forget it. Any posts on the subject will I am afraid be removed.

Part of the changes include a new set of Forum Rules and I ask you all to give them a good read. They are now the basis on which this forum will continue to be moderated.

I look forwards to the discussions building again.

See you there


on behalf of the CVRDA Forum Moderators
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