Dinghy Show 2011

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Re: Dinghy Show 2011

Post by davidh »

Hi Pat,

Good to see you, Sandy, Rupert, Brooksey, Big Al (and for about 30 seconds nessa and nikki) all again - but in many ways I felt that this was the 'flavour' of the show.

It felt to me (as a journo, looking for a theme or a story) that the sport is still coming out of hibernation after the long and cold winter. There were a lot of people catching up with each other but I saw little 'serious' business being done. Maybe because that was taking place elsewhere, that is always a possibility...but I covered the show pretty well and did not see anything that made you say 'wow'

The boat of the show for me was the Kevin Gosling Scorpion, that really was something special.

For the rest, SuercrewJon (who's been laid up with the lurgi - get well soon Jon!) asked me if it was a good show. I worked hard to come up with a soundbite answer but could do not better than 'uninspiring'!

But yes Pat, I think you're right. A lot of people have heard about the classic scene - and are thinking about being able to race their older boats (and older bodies!) in the right sort of atmosphere... be interesting to see. But your comments about the cost of getting about are, I think, a sign of things to come. Maybe sailing will revert back to taking place on a more regional basis, with 100 miles being the maximum people will travel.

Time will tell
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Re: Dinghy Show 2011

Post by Mark »

It is a sure sign of having done too many Dinghy Shows when the people matter far more than the boats; gave me a chance to catch up with some that I have not seen for far too long( and attack them with my walking stick :D )
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Re: Dinghy Show 2011

Post by Pat »

We didn't make any unplanned impulse buys yesterday either. No "just spotted a book" or anything else that we hadn't already identified as a "need" and I think that is another sign of the times. Not good for the stall holders either.
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Re: Dinghy Show 2011

Post by Rupert »

Good to see you all - and the many other people who seemed to know me - I really do have a bad memory...

I was thinking, and there was no boat that I though "want, want, want, want" about at the show, whether a new design or old. Thought the X1 was a good attempt at trying a different direction, but it has to compete with a lot of established classes, from Merlins to National 18's to be a classic riverboat.

Did like the wood decked Claridge Europe a lot, but they need nice open spaces to be fun, really, with waves and spray and things!

In fact John Claridge had a few boats he'd built at the show, both new and old.
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Re: Dinghy Show 2011

Post by Nessa »

The Europe was beautiful. I honestly am pushed to say I found any other boat very inspiring. I had to talk to a lot of people, and we were late so struggled to park so missed meeting everyone. By the time we got to the ale bar there was no one there!

I bought a coffee, Nik bought a BA but more interestingly sold her streaker without the buyer even having seen it!
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Re: Dinghy Show 2011

Post by alan williams »

Hi All
Ithought that the show was very quiet this year. Looking around the average age seemed to be around 40. On the Finn stand we were visited by an old gentleman of 93 who still races his original Tormentor Finn Sail No. 25 against his son. The son aged about 60 sails a Taylor. He was saying that he capsized it a fortnight ago an that at his age had no trouble righting his Tormentor. What a star.

Cheers Al
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Re: Dinghy Show 2011

Post by Rupert »

Loved the classic Finn, Alan. There was very little varnish at the show, and much of what there was was of the "don't touch I'm a perfect clinker dinghy" variety, so the Finn and Europe stood out. Sadly, the Firefly was a little too ropey, I think, to really have been there.
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