Boat Jumbles

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Michael Brigg
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Boat Jumbles

Post by Michael Brigg »

Solent Boat Jumble this Sunday, 12th May. ... vents.aspx

Not sure I'll get a pink pass but as its local I might try for one.

However it is SWMBO's birthday the next day so it will be pushing it, as my wallet will be already occupied!!! :twisted:

Would it be a good use of this underused area of the forum to discuss any jumble head rushes, tit bits, cock ups, and meet-ups?

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Michael Brigg
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Re: Boat Jumbles

Post by davidh »

It's just so easy to get it wrong these days!

When I heard that there was a clapped out old GP that needed a lot of restoration work, that going to be at the Jumble Sail, I first thought it was that old GRP one that was on fleabay earlier.....................

David H
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