National 12 2383 - Starfish Design

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National 12 2383 - Starfish Design

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Hello all,

Long time no see.

I am putting my National 12 up for sale. I have owned this boat for 10 years or so and in that time I have loved sailing her. She is lively and will plane in the right conditions. However, my crew/s now have better things to do than sail with their dad, and we weren't much for racing either way. I now find this boat rather too lively for single handing in anything but light conditions, so have decided to sell and buy something of a more cruising nature.

N12 2383 - Sparkle.
Last of the Starfish Design, built in 1967.
Glued Clinker construction in good order and ready to sail.
Comes with:
A launching trolley.
A Galvanised trailer (not a combi).
2 sets of sails, correctly numbered. 1 set for general use and a nearly new, little used, racing set from R&J (Clevedon).
Recent breathable Cover (new enough to remember the cost!).
Whisker pole.
Alloy spars, with spreaders, cascade kicker, rear main.



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Steve Hawkins

1967 National 12 2383 "Sparkle"
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