Jack Holt Bumblebee

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Jack Holt Bumblebee

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A few years ago there was some interest in Bumblebees for children. Jack Holt designed this miniature Mirror to teach his grandchildren to sail.

I accidentally found one unrecognised and a bit soft underneath, but with mint rig and 'foils' .. It is now in good order and repainted, but my children are growing past her peak.

The 'bee is a lovely trainer for the under 10s to gain confidence in. She handles well, is really light which makes it responsive for a 25kg child, yet an overweight father has spent happy hours lounging round the centreboard to give 'help' and 'encouragement'.

I don't know if picture links... but it shows a lovely alternative to an optimist. The unusual split balanced lug (model yotters would call it a 'swing rig') is absurdly simple, and although in a blow it has some interesting oscillation, is effective.


I live in Salisbury and sail at Calshot, can also be in Cambridge easily. No covers, and trolley/trailer pointless.

I half hope my smallest will be interested this summer, but sooner or later it needs to join a new family, so shout if you're interested.
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