An Olympia-Jolle in the UK

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An Olympia-Jolle in the UK

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I have recently 'come across' a very original O-Jolle in a barn in Sussex. It has some paperork, which suggests a very interesting early start to its life, and it appears to be in good lacks a mast and sail.
The current owner and I are investigating ways to preserve this craft - even maybe to find it a home where it might be sailed again..
I have been in touch with the German class asosication who are "investigating".
I can send out some pictures for anyone interested in pursuing this. It is an interesting example of how individual boats can gradually 'blur into the background' and be lost. This one is a good example of a Class with certain historical connections - 1936 Olympics/Peter Scott - and its successor, the Finn,via the Firefly. How does one go about funding such finds and renovations, when the real money in funding goes to big ship projects?
Any views here?
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Re: An Olympia-Jolle in the UK

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i would be interested to see some pictures. Depending on it's history, I might be able to help find it a home.


David Scarfe
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