Early GRP Topper

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Early GRP Topper

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An elderly neighbour died recently, and I am helping his family dispose of his boats.

One of these is a GRP Topper, which I believe may be quite a rare survivor of these early boats. I don't know the age, but I imagine it falls within the scope of the CVRDA.

I haven't carried out a detailed inspection, but I would describe the hull as in fair condition. The gelcoat is quite scratched, and there appear to be a couple of repairs where the hull is Damaged. There may be splits in the deck at a known stress point in the plastic boats, but otherwise the deck looks quite good.

The mast, boom, sail, daggerboard and tiller are all present and in reasonable condition. l haven't unrolled the sail to find out the number. The daggerboard and tiller are both in wood. It doesn;t have a trailer or viable trolley.

The family don't know if there is a certificate or otherdocumentation, and in the circumstances searching for one is not a priority.

It would be nice if the boat could find a home with someone who will appreciate it. If not, it will be scrapped. I don't think the family expect any money for it, but I am sure they would appreciate a small donation to charity.

If anyone is interested, please reply to this post.

David Scarfe
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